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Gamtos paveldo fondas
A. Vivulskio str. 41-113
LT-03114 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 272 1918

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The Nature Heritage Fund (GPF) is open for cooperation in field of actions that are in line with our activities, principles of sustainable development and within our staff scope. If you need qualified assistance in the following areas, we kindly invite you to apply:


Project application development and project management

Our staff has significant experience in project design and management. Since the establishing of the Fund, a lot of projects funded by various international organizations, the European Union, donor countries and national funds have been implemented. The projects were managed according to different programme rules and regulations. It is worth pointing out UNDP, GEF, Interreg, Phare, and Life programs. Successfully completed project WETLIFE - Restoring Hydrology in Amalvas and Zuvintas Wetlands was among "Best" LIFE Nature Projects 2012.

Elaboration of protected areas management plans

GPF is a leading organization in the country dealing with protected areas management planning. We have prepared management plans for 3 (out of 5) national parks, 14 (out of 30) regional parks, all 3 state strict nature reserves, as well as 46 nature management plans for Natura 2000 sites. During the preparation of these plans, the Nature Heritage Fund has been in close co-operation with the State Service of Protected Areas and respective departments of the Ministry of Environment.

Preparation of scientific research studies

We are conducting research studies in the areas of biodiversity conservation, water protection and management, wetland restoration, sustainable tourism and organic farming. A large scope of various specialists from Lithuanian scientific institutions was participated in our activities. Through extensive collaboration, we can ensure the involvement of the best experts in the country and the preparation of high-quality, up-to-date research based studies.

Environmental information and education

We can provide qualified assistance in the preparation and publication of environmental studies and information. Key areas of greatest experience: sustainable development, biodiversity protection, protected areas, wetland restoration, sustainable tourism and organic farming.


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